Cast Turkish Coffee & Pepper Grinder | Feride – Turkish Coffee Bazaar
Cast Turkish Coffee & Pepper Grinder | Feride Grinders Turkish Coffee Bazaar

Cast Turkish Coffee & Pepper Grinder | Feride

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Feride Grinder 

Turkish coffee beans are best ground in a traditional and authentic copper or brass coffee grinder. The Feride (unique) is our most exquisite option. These pieces of Anatolian history are the perfect way to take your rich arabica coffee beans and turn them into powder. 


  • This mill is can be used to grind coffee beans or spices.
  • Grind size can be adjusted to use different bean sizes. 
  • The mechanism inside is steel.
  • The metal part does not darken

Height: 20cm
Material: Cast

Interested in coffee grinding, find out how to choose the best Turkish Coffee Grinder. 

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Zoe Royer

    This was the perfect gift for my boyfriend who is OBSESSED with coffee I swear. Thank you:)

    Sarah Riviere

    This item looks like something I would find at my in-laws' house. It feels like an antique. But it works great. I love making coffee at home these days and I enjoy the process of hand grinding.

    Eva Robin

    Great quality product but the cost is not so. Surely it could be cheaper.

    Noémie Meunier

    Ordered from Spain, delivered to Czechia in 6 days-great! The product looks nice. Low friction during rotation due to bearings is brilliant, likewise the high sharpness of the grinding stones! You can grind 14g of coffee beans to powder for espresso in less than 60s! Fine grinding shows that centering of the stones is perfect. However, it should be assumed that you know how to grind coffee when you get this item.