Arcelik Fully Automatic Turkish Tea Machine – Turkish Coffee Bazaar
Arcelik Fully Automatic Turkish Tea Machine
Arcelik Fully Automatic Turkish Tea Machine
Arcelik Fully Automatic Turkish Tea Machine

Arcelik Fully Automatic Turkish Tea Machine

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Automatic tea machine that keeps the freshness of your tea for up to two frames with Filter Sense technology.

Arçelik's new automatic Gurme tea machine is designed to give you a unique tea experience with its special brewing technique and innovative technology.

Gurme tea machine, which offers a Turkish-style brewing tea flavor, separates the tea leaves in a timely manner and carefully preserves the flavor and freshness of your tea. Gourmet tea machine, with many modes of tea in different modes, brew in their ideal temperatures, so you only need to choose the tea you want to drink.

Touch Smart Control Panel
You can choose the taste, the amount and the amount of your tea with the intelligent control panel that provides easy operation; and also control cleaning, timing and clock options.
Also Gurme tea machine keeps your last preferences in memory, so you do not have to do the same again.

The timing feature of the gourmet tea machine automatically demolishes the type of tea you want and makes it ready for the time you set. Moreover, it is not affected by the power interruption for up to a week, it keeps your settings real.

Custom Taste Selection
With Gurme tea machine that attaches importance to your taste buds, you can brew your tea as you wish, light, normal or hard.

Automatic Tea Brewing
Thanks to the special water transfer system, the water in the reservoir is automatically transferred to the brewing chamber. Thus, your tea is automatically brewed without touching.

Different Types of Tea
With Gurme tea machine you can easily brew different kinds of tea. For example; you just have to choose the black tea option to brew black tea and the green tea option for green tea. You can also brew the desired herbal tea by choosing the special option of Gurme tea machine.

Quantity Selection
Gurme tea machine which offers the quantity option, provides you to brew tea according to the number of people.

Filter Sense Special Brewing Technology
Thanks to Filter Sense technology, the taste of tea flavors suitable for your taste buds. Extend the length of your freshness to two pieces according to the teapot, teaspoons are separated from the tea according to the taste you want, and keeps your tea fresh in freshness.

Stainless Brewing Reservoir
The complex stainless steel tea filter keeps the amount of tea in contact with the water at the maximum level. Provides ease of use with the ability to wash in the dishwasher.

Special Filtering System
The special filtration system in the brewing hopper prevents dust from tea leaves from mixing. So your tea will look crisper and lively.

Special Detection System
The special detection system controls the correct placement of the carafe and brewing chamber. It transfers the temperature information of the water in the water heater to the LCD panel.

Keep Warm
Thanks to its ability to keep the tea warm, it gives you a long tea experience.

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