About Us – Turkish Coffee Bazaar

About Us


"We want to combine rich Turkish flavours with Middle Eastern hospitality and bring it to your home." 


We are driven by the belief that there is no greater feeling than sitting down with friends and family, sharing delicious tea and coffee, and socializing with those that you love. 

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About Us Turkish Coffee Bazaar

I tried Turkish coffee for the first time around two years ago and, as a major coffee lover, I was struck by everything about the experience. The flavours, the way it was served, the beauty of the wares everything was served in, everything was fascinating to me. I'm a Canadian, so this was my first exposure to Turkish coffee, and I just knew I had to bring this to more people. That's why I started the Bazaar.

About Me Turkish Coffee Bazaar

This store was made to provide you with real Turkish products, from Turkey. This website is for the people who really care about quality and don't want cheap Alibaba alternatives. 

At the end of the day we're passionate about coffee, and love that you are too. We'd love to hear from you regarding feedback on our store, products you'd like to see, or anything else you'd like to share. 



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