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Caring for Your Turkish Towel

Turkish Towels truly rise above the rest when it comes to the quality of materials, function, and style. These are some of the nicest looking towels one can have in their home or with them on a trip to the beach. 

With great towels comes great responsibility. We're here to show you how to take care of your Turkish towel once you've received it. For those who don't have one yet, hop over to our Turkish Hammam Towel Collection.


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The Arrival

Let's face it, you're going to be pretty excited once your towel arrived and are going to want to start using them immediately. This is, of course, totally fine, but we do recommend that you let your towels soak in cold water for between 12-24 hours and then hang them to dry completely. 

Soaking your towel in cold water will activate all of the fibers and fabrics of the towel and will prepare the towel for continued use. It may also feel even softer after you do this. 


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The Day-To-Day

Okay, so you've soaked your towel in cold water and have used it a few times now, that's awesome! But you're thinking that it's probably time for its first wash. 

You can use your Turkish Towel in any regular washing machine that you have at home. We strongly recommend a cold wash both for the quality of the wash and for the environment.

Additionally, make sure you separate your light and dark towels, just as you do with your regular laundry!

Be sure to never use bleach when taking care of your towel. It doesn't need it. 

Finally, we recommend either hanging your towel out to dry in the open air or putting it in your dryer at medium heat to give it that soft and warm touch once you take it out. 


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No Fabric Softeners

Yes, it will be tempting to add fabric softeners to your already incredibly soft towel. But there's no need! This will actually make your towel less absorbent, which is kind of the opposite of what a towel is supposed to do. 

If you love fabric softener, we suggest a natural substitute instead. Add a cup of white vinegar to your rinse cycle to get rid of the pesky residue and bacteria in your towel. You should do this around once every month or two, not every time you wash it. 


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Take Care and It Will Last

Turkish towels are the most resilient towels on the market. If you take good care of your towel, it will remain fresh and soft for years. This is why buying a Turkish towel is a wonderful investment, it will last longer than all of your store-bought towels throughout the year! 

A Turkish towel is an investment in quality. See our full collection of towels at the Turkish Coffee Bazaar. If you have any additional questions regarding your Turkish towel, send us an email.

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